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Friday, April 23, 2010

Final Day!

So sad that this is my final day!! It really went fast - Today we went to Kejimkujik Seaside Adjunct. Just gorgeous as we hiked along a trail overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. One of the reasons we went was to look for Porcupine as there is a large population living there. What a surprise to come across three of them!! They were right on the trail - the one in the tree above had tried to hide from us by going up into the tree. It was such an amazing experience to see them right there in the wild!

The animals that we saw while here were: Porcupine, beaver, snow-shoe hare, red-backed vole, meadow vole, deer mouse, mink, harbor seal, white-tailed deer, chipmunk, red squirrel, and raccoon.

Today we also looked at the camera traps we had set earlier in the week. They had a lot of pictures of them and we did capture a few animals. They take pictures when they register movement, so most of the pictures we got were trees moving or from shadows. But we did get pictures of: raccoons, fox, porcupines, snow-shoe hare, red squirrel and crows. I posted a picture above of a a porcupine that was captured at the camera trap that Anne and I set down by the water.

We finished up looking at the data from Cook's Lake and from our scat counts it was found that 16 deers are at the lake. We only had one meadow vole at the lake, which was very interesting scientifically. Last fall 20 individual jumping mice were trapped there. This could mean that they were still hibernating or the population has seriously declined.

I will see you all on Monday!!


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